Product Information

At Groovebox we believe in the people that make our products, how our products are made, and the materials that we choose. We spend countless hours sketching, designing, prototyping and making because we are dedicated to quality products and meaningful experiences. Simply put, our products are built to last and enjoy for years to come.

Materials / Engineering
  • Powder Coated Steel:  

    The Groovebox Collection utilizes cold rolled steel, a material that is 20% stronger compared to other steel materials. The steel is finished with an eco-friendly powder coating material. Groovebox uses a commercial grade powder coat that is UV resistant and durable to outdoor, high use conditions.

  • Bioethanol Burners:  

    Groovebox Fire Features utilize an advanced Groovebox Burner System that is fueled by bioethanol. This liquid is clean burning, smoke-free and an eco-friendly alternative fuel source. The Groovebox Burner system is self-contained which means installation is quick and easy without the need for heavy construction and gas lines.  Learn More Here.

  • Crushed Bamboo:  

    Groovebox has designed and engineered a new crushed bamboo material that is highly durable, rich in color, and combines beautifully with powder coated steel. This pioneering material is a sustainable alternative to the endangered tropical hardwoods that are the current market standard.